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When you go to a concert and belatedly realize you've seen the band before

Sunday night I went with my friends Thomas, Kristian, and Jens to see a German singer-songwriter called clickclickdecker. There were actually 3 people on stage, does that make it a band?

Despite listening to their albums a lot on Spotify the past week, it wasn't until I was standing in Lido (the venue), when I had a vague feeling that I might have seen clickclickdecker play before. What's the best way to find out? Since I can't trust my memory, I turned to my external brain archive, Gmail, and turned up this blog post from January 2009. Mystery solved! I have seen clickclickdecker before, almost exactly 8 years ago and in Hamburg.

Warning: shaky phone video clip but having walked down nostalgia lane already for this post, I'm preserving it here for posterity... in 2025 when Kamala Harris is sworn in for her second term as president of the United States and I go to another clickclickdecker concert 

Also, the whole night I had this sensation of people I should know being behind me. Turned out it was a poster for my friends Laura & Andreya's band Gurr. They're playing there on Feb 20, everyone should go see them!

German Singer-Songwriter ClickClickDecker

I don't know why it surprised me that Germany would have singer-songwriter types, but they do! One of the guys I work with, Christian, had an extra ticket for the concert tonight since his girlfriend is sick, so I went along.

I was kind of tired by the time we got there (around 11pm) and was in a movie theater, so there were these nice soft seats. It was sold out, so the place was pretty packed and warm, so while I liked the music, it really got hard to stay awake towards the end...

Biggest takeaway -- the movie theater it was at has a sneak preview every Tuesday night... and I need to get out more.