Photos from an Unusual Weather Day in Hamburg - Flash Blizzard & Fiery Sunset

When I first woke up today, the sun was out, people on twitter were all a-flutter about how bright it was outside. Yes, I check my email and twitterstream on my iPod Touch before I get out of bed.

By the time I got out of bed, got ready for work, and made it out the door, it had started snowing. This was NOT expected. The snow kept getting heavier, the flakes larger, the wind stronger. As I walked down the alley to work, I was holding up one of those large blue Ikea bags to shield me from being pummeled by the force of the wind throwing these huge clumps of snow at me.

This evening, my coworker Svenja pointed out the unusual sunset. We've got a great view from the 6th floor (5th floor as Germans count it) and every once in a while the sky cooperates.