Here a -verse, there are -verse, everywhere a -verse

As I get older, I've noticed I'm slower to try out new tools and platforms, even though I've often had a lot of fun being an early adopter. I'm probably shifting from "early adopter" to "early majority" in the technology adoption life cycle -- or hype cycle.

In this case, friends have been talking to me about Mastodon and the "Fediverse" for quite a while, but I never bothered to sign up until late 2022 Twitter Troubles began. I dithered a bit on which server ("instance") to join, but ended up picking because why not? Find and follow me over there:

If you're trying it out, I can highly recommend these two tools for finding your (Twitter) social graph on Mastodon:

Regarding the other -verse on the tip of everyone's tongues: I'm not on the Metaverse bandwagon yet.